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Watch Lego movies!

In the last few years a strange epidemic has hit fans (and there are lots of them!) of the famous Lego bricks: while surfing the Net you often encounter magnificent creations made out of Lego that are filmed and turned into movie clips. These Lego movies are often hilariously funny remakes of cult movies, like Matrix and Spiderman. Watch and enjoy them!
More serious Lego film clips
Dramatic Lego Movies
Short movies with a more dramatic story line in which the actors are nothing more than... bits of Lego!
Lego war films
Various war and combat style movies. Starring actors entirely made of Lego! Check them out!
Fantasy Lego movies
What if Harry Potter was made out of pieces of Lego? No problem they'd make a movie anyhow!
Comic Lego movies
Parodies of famous comedies, original film clips and more, made of Lego!
Action Movies
Action Lego movies
Watch action movie clips starring heros like Spiderman and Neo from Matrix, in Lego!
Horror movie clips
Lego Horror movies
Lego can be scary too: watch these scary movie clips!
Watch Movie Trailers!
Check out trailers for all the latest movies before you see them!
Web Meetings
Personal ads from all over the world, with heaps of photo ads to choose from.
Tabloid Column
Read the latest "Shocking but True" scandal on top celebrites!
Animal Videos & Pictures
Check out these rare species from the animal kingdom!
Build your own online acquarium
Fun online game in which you build an aquarium!
Kazaa Lite!
P2P software for downloading anything you want from the Net, free!
Music Match Jukebox
Play, Record, Burn MP3s and audio CDs, free!
Live Chat Rooms
And if you have a web cam you can see who you are chatting to, free!
Interpret dreams!
Enter a detailed description of your dream and find out what it means
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Movie Bloopers
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