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Special: All Kinds Of Icons, Free!
Go Graphs Gifs
Hundreds of high quality animated gifs with for you to download!
Your Family Tree!
With Geno Pro you can draw up your family tree and include pictures, free!
Cool Wallpaper
Download the coolest and original wallpapers on the Net!
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Cool archive
A collection of icons that's not to be missed! They are divided by category: you'll definately find what you're looking for.

3D folders
Download this file to get a serties of 3D icons, in seven different colors. Freeware for Windows 95/98 (80Kb)

!conMania 7.02
A collection of 1080 icons in one file… you'll find one to suit every occasion??? Freeware (1.12 Mb)

NBSI Icons Galore
Over 750 icons for windows in one file. Freeware (411 Kb)

Fancy Folders Icon Set
Download this file, you'll find 32 different shape and color icons, for personalising your desktop! Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 (23.7Kb)

Wastebasket Icons
Are you tired of the usual Windows wastebasket ? Download this file, you'll find 22 icons to cheer up your desktop! Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 (19Kb)

Software.net Icons
Lots of icons for personalising your files.

Wild Flower Garden
Decorate your desktop with these floral icons. Freeware (161 Kb)

Gif stock
You'll find various gifs for decorating your webpage!

Free icons library
An icon library with over 400 icons, completely free.

Go Graphs Gifs
Hundreds of high quality animated gifs with for you to download!
Icons for every occasion!
Download and use all the icons you choose: they're all free!
Digital Diary
Record your day-to-day activities and thoughts in this free online diary
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