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HandyBits VirusScan Integrator
A simple program chthat manages two Antivirus programs simultanously. Useful for thoseof you using more than one Antivirus program. Some programs are better at detecting Worms and others are better at detecting Trojans.1,5MB.Freeware for all versions of Windows.

HandyBits VirusScan Integrator
A simple program that lets you manage two Antivirus programs at the same time. Very useful if you use more than one Antivirus, (eg. if one is better for Worms and the other for Trojan viruses).1,5MB. Freeware for all versions of Windows.

Avast! 4
The latest version of this popular AntiVirus is more stable than the previous versions and protects your computer from Viruses. In other words: it works really well.6,6MB.Freeware for all versions of Windows.

Bit Defender
This is an unusual AntiVirus: As well as being compatibile with MAC,Linux and Palm it's capable of finding and disabling viruses that spread through instant messaging programs such as MIRC and ICQ. Freeware.8,5MB.

Dr.Web is a classic antivirus. It scans your computer for Worm and Trojan viruses and eliminartes them. It couldn't be easier.3,3MB.Freeware for all versions of Windows.

BitDefender (AVX- Antivirus eXpert) Linux Edition v.7.0 (for Workstations)- freeware antivirus
Free effective anti-virus security solution for systems running Linux; free updates of all signature files and high scanning speed.

BitDefender Free Antivirus for Palm OS
Free effective anti-virus security solution that protects the PDA from infection through a home or business network or from sources outside it. It ensures on demand scanning of the PDA's content.

SwatIt Trojan Scanner 1.0
Free software especially for finding trojan viruses or similar. Virus updates are also completely free. Freeware for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (1.3Mb)

HandyBits VirusScan
With this software you should greatly improve your PC's safety. This anti-virus, carries out a search on your hard disk to find any eventual viruses using different integrated anti-virus software. Not all viruses are the same, so different integrated anti-virus systems should be used. Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 (1.5MB)

CodeRed Hunter
This is a particular anti-virus, which should help you when you have difficulty in getting rid of a virus. This software, once installed, will search for the presence of viruses in your PC and eliminates them. Freeware for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP (10.5Mb)

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