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Free software for Nokia phones!

Now that cell phones are more than simple telephones, but multi functional mini-computers, here are some programs for making the most of them! Free applications for creating, modifying and transferring logos and ringtones. Free tools for managing various menus, security codes, phone books and for sending SMS messages from your pc or palm computer! Download them all and you too will have a multi functional phone, free!
Free software for Nokia logos
Modify, create and send logos!
Give your cell phone a new look. Create your favorite logo and transfer it onto your phone, free!
Free ringtone software!
Software for converting ringtones into RTTL format and MIDIs into codes to digit on your Nokia phone, Free!
Other ringtone software
Software for creating and listening to your own unique ringtones, transfering them to your cell phone, converting them, free!
Software for the Nokia Comunicator
Free Comunicator software
A series of free applications to improve your Nokia Comunicator!
Free sms message software!
Free software
Some programs for sending sms messages using a palm or your own computer. Free!
Nokia PanuWorld FlashMsg
For sending free 'Flash SMS' and 'Blink SMS' messages from your own cell phone!
Software for managing your phone
Menus and libraries
Software for managing all aspects of your cell phone, free!
For your Nokia 7650
Free software for the Nokia 7650
Demo software and freeware for managing your Nokia 7650 better, free!
Interesting software that launches some functions on your Nokia 7650 depending on where you are! Demo
Search the Yellow Pages for any business you need information on.
Telephone for free on the Internet
With this peer to peer software you can phone for free!
Free Ringtones!
Thousands of fantastic free ringtones for your cellular phone!
Free software for your Nokia
Download this free software for your Nokia phone!
Web Meetings
Personal ads from all over the world, with heaps of photo ads to choose from.
Music Match Jukebox
Play, Record, Burn MP3s and audio CDs, free!
Free graphic viewer
For viewing all types of images quickly and in an orderly fashion.
Free diet profiles, health tips and programmes for men and women
Earn by participating in online surveys!
and earn Points that will be exchanged for cash!
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Free ringtones for your cell phone!

Phone Hog 6
Free long distance phone calls!

GSM World
Free Secrets and codes!

Answering Macines
Free answering machine software!

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