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Advanced Call Center
Download this software and telephone for free all over the world, paying for just the Internet connection. 2,35 MB. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/XP. Requires 300 MHZ processor and 64 MB of Ram.

Call Corder
Call Corder enables you to telephone for free using the Internet, and to record the conversation on your hard drive, in wav format. 1,50 MB. Freeware for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Requires 200 MHZ processor and 64 MB of Ram.

MPQ Webphone
Expensive phone connection fees and high costs are a thing of the past - from now on, use your existing internet connection to telephone at no charge.

Phone Hog
Free long distance! Just register at PhoneHog and you'll get FREE long distance calls. They let their advertisers pay for your long distance phone calls!

Free World Dialup (FWD)
Make free phone calls over the Internet using a 'regular' telephone or a computer program. FWD is a community network of worldwide Internet consumers who call each other using SIP phones.Free World Dialup does not provide access to the traditional telephone networks or cellular networks. FWD members can only call other FWD members and select VoIP Services. There are no charges or fees for anyone to use the Free World Dialup.

Virtual Phone Line
Virtual Phone Line is a new service that let's you carry your phone line anywhere in the world with you while you travel, without paying high roaming charges, or be anywhere in the world, and take your phone line with you, at only a fixed 5$US* monthly charge, plus a $65 set up fee. For UNLIMITED Incoming Calls. It is a service that let's you have a USA & United Kingdom telephone number, while sitting in Singapore, South Africa, India , Nigeria or maybe Uzbekistan. Virtual Phone Line empowers you to get as many phone lines as you want on your broadband connection. Now you can have a new Phone line on your Cable, DSL Or Satellite Connection.

Online Pair.com
Voice Chat, PC to PC Telephoney - Online answering machine stores and delivers multiple messages. Small easy download, simple to install (150kB).

Chocophone - call Italian phones free!
A Voice over IP system that lets you phone from PC to PC and from PC to land line for free, with land line phones there are set time limits.

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Mr Tones
Free ringtones for your cell phone!

Phone Hog 6
Free long distance phone calls!

GSM World
Free Secrets and codes!

Answering Macines
Free answering machine software!

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