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CashMoney Email
A service that pays you to read email advertisements. YOu can earn 0.02$ for every email received and 0.01$ for those received by your referrals. You will be credited 10$ on subscription. Payments will be made by cheque on reaching 50$.

My Points
Earn points for great rewards simply by reading emails, visiting web sites and taking surveys. Join now and earn up to 50 Points! With MyPoints you can earn rewards from name-brand merchants like Blockbuster Video®, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Bloomingdale's. You can even earn vacations and frequent flyer miles. Open to USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Paid Biz
Paid Biz pays members to: Sign Up ($5.00), Refer Friends ($2.00), Read E-Mails ($.05), and complete offers ($.05-$2.50) from their Advertisers.

Sac Money Affiliates
This site rewards you for receiving e-mails from their advertisers (messages are sent everyday), and sometime you can earn money just for surfing or for making certain actions. They have also a great 3 level referral program (15%,10%,5%) that will let you make a lot of extra money! It's free to join and open to all Internet surfers including International surfers who are 18 years old or older!

Spedia mail
Register with this web site and get 5 to 10 points every time you receive a commercial e-mail from their sponsors. You don't have to respond to these e-mails. Your privacy will be protected and your e-mail address will be kept confidential. You can unsubscribe at any time. Points represent US dollars. You will be paid monthly by check when your account exceeds $30.00.

Inbox Dollars
InboxDollars will pay you $0.05 for every E-Mail Advertisement they send you. They also pay you for the emails your referrals receive, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can have. Payment by check once you reach $30. Available Internationally.

Extra Salary
Earn by receiving e-mail messages! You can earn US $ 0.03 for each advertising e-mail message that you will receive and US $ 0.01 for each e-mail message received by your referrals up to the third level.

Get paid for every e-mail message sent to your mailbox from advertisers. Earn from 0.025$ to 0.25$ for each email received. You also earn from 0.005$ to 0.06$ on 5 levels of referrals. Payments are made by cheque once you reach 50$.

Resource a day
Subscribe to this site and earn $10! Get others to subscribe and you earn US$0.40 per member that you sponsor (1st level), US$0.20 per member sponsored by the one you sponsor (2nd level) and US$0.05 per member of your 3rd level and $0.03 per member of your 4th level! All you have to do is sign up and receive a daily e-mail.

You can make $10-$40 per survey or win great prizes. Completing several surveys per hour can yield a good bit of revenue (approaching $100-$150/hour).

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